Save Cougar Mountain

Cougar Mountain lies between Newcastle and Issaquah. This is where the Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park is situated.  It is rich with wetlands, wildlife, old growth forests, and streams that feed salmon runs.

Unfortunately Cougar Mountain, with its expansive forested views, is being threatened by Development.  Windward Development Group Inc wants to build a large 57 unit residential development. The land is owned by the Bergsma family who have been trying to sell their 45 acres of land for the past 30 years.  The Bergsma land connects and shares boundary lines with parts of the Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park.  This land lends itself perfectly to parkland, open space, and family friendly hiking. 

Up to now no one wanted the property because of the steep slopes.  Grading of steep slopes will displace 134,000 cubic yards of soil and vegetation and remove 8,800 truck loads of earth from the mountain. Homes will be built on steep slopes in an area where over 50 percent of the land has been identified as already having a high risk for slides.

A joint effort by both King County and the city of Issaquah to acquire the the forty-five acre  Bergsma property could greatly enhance the parks of both jurisdictions and protect old forest and wetlands.

To learn how to help the neighbors and others who are working so hard to Save Cougar Mountain contact:
Susan Neville

IATC Vice President of Advocacy
David Kappler

George Potter