IATC Salmon Days Theme

Salmon Days, the annual festival of Issaquah, is fast approaching (October 5 & 6). The club will have a booth on the grounds of the Fish Hatchery, as usual.

This year we will have a “Leave No Trace” theme. In addition to handouts associated with that theme, humans will have the opportunity to take a photo with Mr. Sasquatch and take the “Leave No Trace” pledge. We chose Mr. Sasquatch as our mascot as he has been leaving no trace for years and years.

Those that take the pledge and post a photo to social media will qualify for a drawing to win fabulous prizes (to be announced). So, come on by and take the pledge!

And we are looking for volunteers to staff the booth. If that sounds interesting to you, contact David Kappler at davidkappler@hotmail.com .

Poo Poo Point Pledge.jpg
Tom Anderson