10,000 round trips for Trailhead Direct during 2018 season

There were more than 10,000 roundtrips during the first full season of the Trailhead Direct 2-year pilot project. This transit-to-trails service made it possible for more hikers to explore King County’s mountain forests without having to drive or park, and it reduced dangerous overcrowding at popular trailheads. Route 634 to Issaquah Alps had 8,526 round trips alone. Wow!

IATC will continue to collaborate with our partners in King County Parks and Mountains to Sound Greenway to support the program and help make it a permanent. For the 2019 season we plan to provide more IATC hikes that incorporate Trailhead Direct.

You can read the full article here: https://www.kingcounty.gov/elected/executive/constantine/news/release/2018/November/27-trailhead-direct-results.aspx

John Sherwin