Our Mission

We are dedicated to engaging the public to preserve, protect, and promote the land, wildlife, and trails of the Issaquah Alps for present and future generations.


From its earliest days, the IATC has been a voice for the protection of not only trails but the open spaces through which they run, achieving unprecedented victories with the creation of Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park, West Tiger Natural Resources Conservation Area, Tiger Mountain State Forest and numerous parks, open spaces and county and state forests. Our advocacy work takes many forms:

  1. Advocating to acquire and protect public open space from development and improper use.

  2. Negotiating with public officials and developers to minimize impacts of new development and to secure trails and open space in their projects.

  3. Working with community groups to provide consultation and training for organizing effective advocacy campaigns.

  4. Promoting the priceless value of the Issaquah Alps by leading hikes, maintaining trails, and partnering with land management agencies.